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Our protagonist and their partner find his apartment trashed with the clear indication that someone...or something, has broken in. Suspicions arise as the protagonist realizes his own partner might be hiding something

- The Break In -

After she regains consciousness, our protagonist is interrogated by members of an underground society who will stop at nothing to gain the knowledge she possesses

- The Interrogation -

From out of the shadows a mysterious veiled woman suddenly appears. While her intentions are unclear, she reveals to the protagonist that theres still time to change his fate

- Mystery Woman Appears -

Inspired by the horrifying short story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, the dark, uncanny, undulating textures transform into a savage force depicting the brutal fate of a woman who’s randomly selected by her own townsfolk to be stoned to death

Suspense / Thriller

Restrained inside a mysterious cavern, our hero is approached by a veiled figure who tests his will by promising and delivering unimaginable pain

- The Lottery -
- The Torture -
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