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In a state of reflection he stares at a picture of his wife who left him and finally realizes that theres nobody to blame but himself

- No One To Blame But Me -

A soldier stunned in a state of complete disorientation and utter fear witnesses the horrific nightmare taking place around him. This unlikely hero then musters the untapped strength from within and regains his sensibly, assumes command, and goes on to be the leader his comrades need him to be

- Finding Strength From Within -


A young girl, who has yet to find her place in the world, must conquer hardship and loss as she readies herself for the lone journey that lies ahead

A heartbroken woman holds her dying husband in her arms pleading with him not to leave her. He smiles and reassures her he will see her again

- I Will See You Again -
- A Lone Journey -

 He asks to lead her to his favorite place in all the kingdom through the enchanted forest. Falling more in love with each step they take, they arrive at the base of a waterfall which is where they share their first kiss

- I Want To Show You Something -

After the explosion, she finds her partner amongst the rubble only to realize she’s too late

- I Can't Believe She's Gone -
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