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Two friends decide they’re now indie filmmakers and talk their crew into working for beer

- Working For Beer -

A couple of knuckle heads trying to make a movie are in over their heads as they review their footage and realize they might have caught a murder on camera

Chased into what they thought was an abandoned warehouse, some wannabe crooks who mistakenly stole their employer’s car take cover and try to ditch the cops but find themselves witnessing a conversation they were not meant to hear

- Dude, That's A Body -
- Ditchin' The Cops -

An elderly man dares to start flirting with his unsuspecting and soon to be lover by initiating a curious conversation through the internet. What started as an innocent chat between two old-timers escalates into an evening of mystery and romances as these two take part in an uncoordinated “dance” in their pajamas while still at their keyboards

Two broke roommates trying to get rich quick decide to make a movie and put it on Youtube

- Let's Get Rich On YouTube -
- The Texting Tango -


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