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Set in space, far into the future, fleets of intergalactic warships drift through the vastness of space setting out to explore new frontiers

- The Galactic Armada -

Inhabitants of a small community wake up to witness not the moon rising in the sky, but the earth. An existential venture into space follows as we come to learn the fate of a place they mistakenly thought was home

- Venturing Into The Void -

Seeking the truth of an elder, they find a safe place to talk and come to learn that their foes are indeed not of this world

- Where They Come From -

She joins the crew members of deck 18 celebrating their last night in space and while excited, she steps out to reminisce, hoping that home will still be the home she remembers

A old traveler tells a story of an ancient amulet of power once wielded by a great ruler that was stolen and is now lost to time

- Dancing In The Stars -
- Amulet Of Legend -

Sci-Fi / Fantasy

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